The End of All Things


In the corner between Market Street and 4th, there had always been a noodle bar. It had survived a dozen different owners and had gone through three different nations, only to experience the dissolution of the nation states altogether. 

There, people meet who are at the end of things.


There are those who have come to the end of their own road, seeing no future and no hope. They sit down, and they eat their noodles and wait for the world to end.

There are those who have everything to live for, illegal Androids, approaching their end date at a slow, merciless pace. They sit down, look over their shoulder and hope that this day is not the day when the police finds them. 

There are those who are part of the system, who have long since stopped believing in its altruism and are now just waiting for the end of their shift. They eat noodles, ignoring the wanted runaway next to them.

There are those who would resist, who are at the end of their fucks to give, whose inner rage and resistance has reached a limit and who are willing to do something about it - but what?

There are those who are simply waiting for the rain to stop, hoping that it will, some day.

 There, they wait for the end of all things

The End of All Things is a slow paced larp by Atropos about several personal stories - tragedies, drama and tales of love. It’s a larp about the beauty of entropy and how we all wait for something. It is a larp about how different we are - and how we can meet. 

And most of all, it’s a story that takes us back to where it all began. It is a story about a bar where people go to eat noodles, in a city where it always rains.


Between 7th and the 13th of July. Each run is a single day, and has 22 participants each. The number of runs depend on how many interested participants we have.
Sign up starts at a still undetermined date.


Central Gothenburg, Sweden