The Story

The story is told in three acts. Each act has a small calibration break between them, which allows for people to both grab a snack and talk to their co-players. The acts are meant to give a framing to the story but also to allow some time to pass in between each, in order to push each drama as far as it needs to go for the larp to have the most impact for the participants.


Act 1 - Reactions and reflections

In the first act, the focus is on the past. The characters are just out of the trauma of the Android genocide, and it has meant different things for them. It starts in medias res, with everyone in the midst of a conversation or a scene. Some are at home, some are at the Noodle Bar, but they're all in the middle of something. The act is focused on reactions and trying to deal with what has happened. Some might lash out in anger, causing additional trouble, and others still peddle hate and blame, leading to confrontations. Others focus on forging new loves and friendships, building something new on the ruins of the old.

Act 2 - Actions and intentions

In the second act, passive reactions and reflections give way to plans of action and ways of dealing with the future. The Police officers need to figure out ways of looking their friends in the eyes, the escaped Androids need ways of coping with a new fugitive life and the regular people must rebuild all that was lost. Conflicts rise again, romances are pursued and hope, despair and conviction all combat for the control of the people at the Bar and in their homes.

Act 3 - Endings and retrospects

Everything has to end. And as so, so must the stories of those gathered. In Act 3, everyone has to look to the future somehow, and decide where to go from here. Some will remain at the Noodle Bar and wait out their end, while others will finally have the courage, or the despair, to do something about their situation. This act focuses on the reasons for doing what you are doing, and deciding to proceed somehow. Individual ending scenes will be played once people leave the Bar a final time and step onto the bus away from everything. 

Playstyle at the Noodle Bar vs at the apartments

Throughout all the acts, players always have the option of leaving the Bar, go to the bus stop and go to their abstract apartments. This is done in order to have more volatile or loud scenes. At the bar itself, these confrontations always happen in raised voices, glares, hateful speech and almost-confrontations that never erupt into full out violence or push and shove. It stays, bubbling underneath the surface and constantly pushes people into each other's faces. All the characters have reasons to be opposed to many of the others, and yet they all respect the rules of the Dragon Noodle Bar.