The Larp

The End of All Things is played in a mix of two different styles. One part is the Noodle Bar area, a scenography set where the characters meet, deal with their troubles, have conversations or further their personal storylines. There's cliques, conflicts and low key drama. Then, there's the Home area, an abstract space marked with tape in the Dogville / Collateral Emotions style, symbolizing the apartments and hotels of the character groups. There, more volatile or intimate scenes are played out, the background to their current situations are explored and confrontations happen. It is a place to strengthen relations and bonds or to confront the personal issues.

This larp is our way of focusing on a smaller set of events and a smaller group of characters, and let their personal experiences take center stage. 

Is this larp for me? If you:

  • Want to explore tough, personal and internal themes about humanity, slavery and death.
  • Enjoy slow-paced play, with a focus on the social repercussions and the dealing with a crisis around you.
  • Enjoy the meeting between the abstract and the highly immersive sci-fi scenography
  • Enjoy a retro-future, as imagined in the 1980s, but with an updated touch on progressive values
  • Or, potentially, enjoyed the previous Android larps and want to go deeper into its impact on individuals in that world

Then, this larp is for you.

What you can expect:

  • An immersive scenography combined with abstract spaces for smaller, personal scenes.
  • Prewritten characters and relationships within small groups and in general
  • A philosophical larp with a narrative focus on your own story.
  • Workshops to prepare you for playing the larp.
  • 9 hours of play time.
  • Noodles (rice and wheat) served at the central Noodle Bar that should be edible for most.
  • An aesthetic guideline for your looks.
  • A larp setting where there will be no oppression on off game attributes such as looks, gender, sexuality, ability or ethnicity.
  • The feeling of eating noodles in the rain.

What we expect from you:

  • That you treat your co players with respect and never oppress anyone based on off-game attributes such as looks, gender, sexuality, ableism or ethnicity.
  • That you bring your own outfit, and that it is in line with the aesthetic guidelines provided by us.
  • That you bring enough food/snacks to stay happy during larp hours. 
  • That you contact your co-players and deepen the relationships provided by us before the larp start.