Runs will be played sometime between 7th and 13th of July, depending on interest. 
Language: English
Minimum age: 15
Contact email: Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den.
Facebook group: Android-Universe Larps
Where: Gothenburg, Sweden
3:e Våningen. Click here for the venue's own guide on how to get there. The address is:

Sockerbruket 9

Sleeping:  You will have to arrange your own sleeping before and after the larp. We are not allowed to sleep on location. 
Food: We will offer noodles, cheap coffee and other in-game foods as part of the in-game world. We do not accommodate allergies or food preferences. Participants will need to bring snacks or easy food alternatives to eat in the short breaks if rice and/or wheat noodles do not cover their needs.

Schedule: Workshops will start at 9:00 on all of the runs. The workshops will last until 11:30, larp start at 13. The larp will finish between 22:00 and 23:00 in the evening. It is played in three acts with shorter breaks between them. The afterparty will be on site, right after game end. 


Sign-Up Information

Opens when we know more about the situation this summer. 

We are aware that the corona virus is causing us all to be uncertain about our plans for the future. However, the larp is set in the middle of July, and we hope and believe that all restrictions on smaller groups of people will have been lifted and that travel will be fully possible (within Sweden at least) at this time. 

Payment: You must pay for your participation within a week of receiving the e-mail confirming your participation or your spot will be lost. 
Number of participants: 22 per run. 
Price range: We have decided to use a varied payment plan, where everyone pays what they can afford, from a minimum level and upwards.

We will be able to run the larp even if everyone pays the minimum, but it will be at a significantly lower level of aesthetics and scenography. The greater the number of participants who pay a higher ticket price, the more will we be able to invest into the scenography, sounds, lights, layout and overall expenses. If we end up with a surplus, we will use it to invest into better locations and scenography for future larps.

The lowest price will be 500 SEK and the highest price will be 1600 SEK for those who want to sponsor the organization in times like these. The standard price will be 800 SEK.