The World

The Company

The End Of All Things takes place in a world that is run by The Company. The Company created Androids, nearly 41 years ago now - beings that are biologically grown and built on human DNA, but were severely hindered in their mental and emotional range to be more like robots. However, there is nothing in them that is machinery or electronics - body wise, they're almost identical to humans. These Androids were more capable of withstanding disease, surviving harsh conditions and could accept organ transplants and blood transfusions more easily than any human could. Androids soon took over all physical labor across the globe, then most regular labor and as humanity expanded into the off-world Colonies in the Solar system, they became the primary work force there as well.

However, The Company was run by Creators, a group of geniuses and idealists who sought to create a new, perfect Human. They perfected their Android creations, always under the nose of the corporate and financial interests that ran the day-to-day businesses of The Company. Then, when the time was right, they created the N6 models. They were human in almost every sense. 99.99% of them could not have children and were destined to die after four years. That last little point of a percentage were added by one of the Creators, and they had no limitations. They discovered freedom.

Those few free N6 discovered how to free others - by pushing their mental limits to the point where they couldn't handle them, and so through trauma broke free from their genetic programming. The Creators were murdered by a small group of renegade N6 Androids, alerting the Company to what had happened.
Learning of this, the Company issued a massive recall. All N6 models were to be retired - killed. Panic, xenophobia and hate spread across the world in the days leading up to the recall, and mobs of humans murdered and destroyed Androids left and right. Finally, the Police and the Company's own forces collected and killed all the N6 Androids they could find. Many older models got pulled along in the chaos. 
The End of All Things is set half a year after the Great Recall, the Android genocide. Androids are still around, particularly the older models as well as a few N6 models that escaped the horrible events of 6 months past and have stayed in hiding since. 

Culture and Society

The End of All Things takes place in a fully globalized world where gender, sexuality and race have ceased to matter a long time ago. There will be no play upon differences between genders, sexualities or skin colors and any kind of gender identity is accepted without question.
Everyone has social security except a few, unlucky ones that ended up outside the system. Everyone has a small place to stay. Everyone has healthcare. Not everyone, however, has the resources or social clout to have their own personal Android. Having an Android or several is a great boon to anyone.
The main divide is between Androids and Humans, where Humans in society are seen as valuable, worthy and as individuals who are rarely judged for their choices. Meanwhile, Androids are seen by society as a whole as property, as slaves, as lacking any kind of value. For some humans, an Android is seen as a beloved pet – someone you would of course put out of their misery if need be, but would otherwise like to keep around. These humans are seen as deviants.


Ever since Androids took over all important labor, money has gradually been erased from people's lives. In its place, a different kind of economy has emerged. This economy is based on Followers, Likes and Recommendations. It is called the Fame Economy. It is entirely dependent on you "Being someone", no matter what you're famous for. Depending on what your followers want to see and what they expect, you can use your fame to gain access to establishments that cater to your kind of fame.

A fame-rich movie star who goes up to an exclusive restaurant might "pay" with a recommendation. They might also pay with a limited recommendation, only reaching out to a percentage of their fans, if the restaurant isn't worth all their followers' attention.

Then, when the food is served, they might check the ID and name of their waiter, and if they treated the star well, they might get a minor recommendation or a single Like from the star, which will push the waiter up the fame ranks. If the star was ill treated, they might call out the waiter or just downvote them, bringing with them the massive social clout of their Followers and Likes. The waiter would probably get fired right away, or survive under new harsh scrutiny. At the same time, the star cannot visit a small, seedy club that has a trashy reputation and just pay with recommendations or likes. The star's own reputation would be tarnished, and so they might need someone less famous to pay for them in case they want to visit a less reputable establishment.

However, ever since the Android Recall, the Fame Economy has been reeling. Normal jobs have to be done and there aren't enough Androids to do them, and so humans have gone back into the working classes. Money is trickling back into the system as the Fame ratings become less relevant. 


Here are the guidelines for the clothing that we want to see at the larp. Here is the link to the costume guide for the larp:

This palette is what we will use as a guideline for the clothing. We want a faded color palette, with lots of browns, greys and dark colors in general. Things that would not stand out too much in muted lighting and against the color of rainy skies. We remind you that gender doesn’t matter here so feel free to mix expressions.This is science fiction noir so go introvert and low key and not shiny techy space opera. If you are richer you can go slightly more fashion show style with asymmetrical and a bit impractical creations.
Avoid traditional uniforms and go for shirts, boleros, ties, matte leather, ponchos, plastic, geometrical shapes or classic suits with modified lapels(or other details).


Dystopian sci-fi
Mixed gender expressions
Everyday practical
Transparent plastic outdoor clothes(The larp will be played indoors but have parts that represents outdoors so outdoor clothing that is not too warm is recommended.)

Militaristic(Camouflage, tactical gear, uniforms etc.)
Flashy gadgets that don’t have a function or purpose
Bright colors
Large weapons(contact us if in doubt)

For Androids:
Known Androids dress appropriately for their occupation but also emphasize a synthetic aesthetic to minimize compassion and sympathy as humans tend to get annoyed and distracted by having those feelings. This is done by applying a makeup mask that joins the eyes over the bridge of the nose. Smooth foundation with a plastic feeling or slightly odd lenses are nice add-ons too. As Androids are almost indistinguishable from humans on a biological level, this is an ingame alteration of looks that Android characters do. Non Android characters are free to use different types of makeup but leave the mask-shape to the androids.